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Pakistan Will Be The Most Tough Opposition For India In Asia Cup

Team India
Team India After Winning The T20 Series
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When Indian team will take field in Asia Cup which is slated to be held in UAE this year they will know that they will go to get serious competition For Title mainly from Pakistan because other teams in the Asia Cup doesn’t possess the strength that India has with both ball but Pakistan team can give them serious competition and also has the potential to even win the Asia Cup as the Asia Cup is to be played in UAE which is Pakistan’s home ground they play most of their matches there and also because they have a strong bowling lineup with lots of good fast bowlers including the likes of Mohammad Amir, Junaid Khan, Hasan Ali. [poll id=”4″]

Pakistan beat India in the finals of Champions Trophy 2017 on the back of the strong bowling performance where they broke the back of Indian batting by dismissing Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli in quick succession India will be wary of their pace attack and would like to take the revenge from Pakistan as they lost to them in the Champions Trophy 2017 final. what do you think who will come out on top this time around do let us know?

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