Shahrukh Khan New Movie

Shahrukh Khan New Movie: Will It Bring Him Any Success?

Shahrukh Khan New Movie
Shahrukh Khan New Movie

Shahrukh Khan New Movie:

Don 3,

With Karan Johar,

With Kabir Khan,

Vikram Vedha Remake,

Hey Ram Remake,

Operation Khukri Based,

Ra. One Sequal,

With Shimit Amin,

With Rahul Dholakia.

The Sequence Maybe Different.

Are You A Fan Of Shahrukh Khan?

So it’s a good news for you as you will be getting a dose Shahrukh Khan Action Thriller and Romantic Drama.

Shahrukh Khan is currently one of the top Bollywood actors and his presence in a movie generally means a success for the movie at the box office apart from few movies like Zero who he did and despite being him in the leading role the film proved to be a real Zero at the box office. By the way the film also had Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in the leading role but still it was a big failure And even Shah rukh khan Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif could not save it and Shahrukh Khan character of  Bauua Singh was not liked by the public.

But it is a new year and it may mean new luck for Shahrukh Khan and May be a better one this time around.

Now tell us are you eagerly waiting for Don 3 like us?

Because we are excited about the movie and are really eagerly waiting for it the earlier two parts of the movie were major hits and was loved by the public and the third part we think will not be any different. We are expecting Don 3 to be a big hit.

But let’s just leave it alone for a while and talk about Shahrukh Khan and his career. His film career is going through a rough patch and that is for sure. Shahrukh Khan Raees Was a big hit but his recently released film “Zero” Was a major disappointment maybe the people wanted him to stay on earth rather than going to the Mars which he did in the movie. And the name of the movie was also not a good one means how could a Zero be Successful at the box office after all it is a Zero and Zero means failure.

So let’s see how Will Shahrukh Khan New Movie will do at the box office.

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