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Test Cricket Needs A Change To Survive

England Team
England Team After Winning The Second Test. Photo Source: Twitter
Posted by: @BCCI

England team has thrashed Indian Team the number one side in the world pretty easily at Lords from the beginning of the T20 fans and experts were fearing that T20 can kill the longest format of the game but to be fair to them T20 is not responsible for people losing interest in test cricket it is because of the reason that team don’t travel well outside their home this is the reason why people are losing interest in test cricket every team at the moment of time is a home bully they are invincible at home but can’t win away from home Australia win only in Australia they get thrashed in Pakistan they get thrashed in India they get thrashed in England South Africa nowadays only win in South Africa England who are beating India comfortably only win in their home India who are currently ranked number one side in the world to be fair they are number one because of their win in the subcontinent they lost to South Africa in South Africa they are losing against England in England and they haven’t toured Australia yet this predictability of results that home team will going to win is┬áresponsible for people losing interest in test cricket as now a days people generally know the result of the series as more than often the home team will going to win if ICC really want to save test cricket and people interest in it they need to do major changes in test cricket scraping toss could be a good move as then home team will not gono prepare pitches which are tilted too much in their favour which has been the case for a while now such as India preparing dusty pitches South Africa preparing bouncy pitches england team just preparing seaming tracks if this trend continues people will lose interest in test cricket cricket pretty quickly test cricket needs a change and it needs it quickly what are your suggestion to make test cricket interesting do let us know.

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