Will Australia Sledge Virat Kohli This Time Around?

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. Photo Source: Twitter
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Will Australia Sledge Virat Kohli This Time Around?

The Australian team and the Australian players likes to sledge the opposition team and their players and they have a rich history of it.

But will the Australian players sledge Kohli this time around if the ball tampering scandal wouldn’t had happened in March and Steve Smith and David Warner were¬† not banned Then there would have been some exchanges for sure from the Australian team.

But since now the Australian team is looking to regain the support of Australian public and wants to play like the nice boys it is highly unlikely that they will going to fall into Bantar and verbal exchange that they have a history of doing.

However Mitchell Johnson has already taken a jibe at Kohli before the series has even started Kohli and Mitchell Johnson are not friends they are real h******* enemy.

When India last toured Australia in 2014 for a 4/match test series the Australian team sledged Virat Kohli and other indian players a lot where Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson exchange a lot of words during that series both could not control each other and keep sledging each other.

As like Mitchell Johnson Virat Kohli too had a history when it comes to verbal exchanges so this series will be a thrill to watch and we would have to see whether both the teams get engage in verbal exchanges this time around.

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